March 17, 2009

Young lovers marry 60 years later

An Arizona couple said they have finally married more than 60 years after they first fell in love as high school students.

Jack Ross and Win Cushman said they fell in love as students in Highland Park, Ill., but their relationship ended when Cushman moved to Iowa for college and Ross moved to New York before joining the armed forces to fight in Korea, the Gannett News Service reported Tuesday.

Both young lovers married other people, had children, became grandparents and were eventually widowed.

In 2006, Ross, who had previously been married for 48 years, discovered an address for his long-lost love on the Internet and sent her a Christmas card. The address turned out to be wrong and the card was returned to him, but it turned out Cushman had arrived at the same thought and sent her own Christmas card to her childhood sweetheart.

Ross received the card and immediately re-initiated contact.

He called, and I just about fainted away, Cushman said. I think the both of us went right back to the way it was in high school.

The pair moved to Arizona together and they were married at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Peoria, Ariz.