March 18, 2009

Survey: Blondes go brunette for jobs

A survey of British women indicates that nearly 1-in-3 blondes have dyed their hair brown to be taken more seriously in the workplace.

The survey of 2,500 women, conducted by health and beauty retailer Superdrug, suggests 31 percent of women with naturally blond hair have changed to brown locks in order to appear more professional, The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Additionally, 38 percent of naturally blond respondents said they believe their hair color has in some way hindered them in the job market.

The survey also indicates that 62 percent of those polled said they believe brunettes appear more professional than blondes in the workplace.

The current economic climate is obviously making women take more care with their appearance at work, even down to their hair color, Superdrug official Dan Hadley told The Daily Mail. The study shows brunettes do seem to be taken more seriously in the work place which is causing a rise in fair-headed women darkening their locks.

It's incredible how changing your hair color can alter people's perception of you as well as making you feel more confident too, he said.