March 19, 2009

$873,000 for nude painting of Blair’s wife

A painting based on a 30-year-old sketch of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife in the nude is on sale at a gallery for $873,000.

The painting of Cherie Blair by artist Euan Uglow, who also drew the original sketch, is currently on display alongside the sketch at the Browse & Darby gallery in London and gallery owner Charles Bradstock said Blair recently dropped by to view the works of art, The Independent reported Thursday.

The gallery said the sketch has been sold, but Bradstock said he could not comment on rumors that it had been purchased by the Blairs.

It's the policy of the gallery that we keep our buyers' names secret. A lot of them don't want their names to be revealed, he said.

There has been a very good reaction to both works, he said. We had a packed private viewing. Cherie Blair came before the private viewing to see them. She was interested, because she had never seen them before. They brought back memories. Her husband wasn't with her.