March 19, 2009

Mystery of the missing koi

Employees of a garden shop and nursery in North Jersey are mourning the loss of four koi, apparently fish-napped by thieves.

The koi, domesticated carp bred for looks and color, vanished from a pond in a greenhouse at Waterford Gardens overnight last Friday, The Record of Hackensack reported. One of the fish, a 30-pound giant renamed Floyd after he survived Hurricane Floyd 10 years ago, had been at the nursery for 20 years.

We came in Saturday morning and usually go to feed the fish "¦ someone took him and three other koi we had in the pond that were a nice size, said Katie Meeks, one of the owners of the nursery in Saddle River.

The store has put up a $1,000 reward for information leading to the return of the fish.

Floyd was swept out of the greenhouse pond into an outdoor pond in the back during Floyd.

You don't realize how you can get too attached to a fish, Meeks said. They have personality. "¦ They greet us with their big mouths every morning saying, 'Feed me, feed me,' and weren't shy at all.