March 20, 2009

‘Monty Python’ prop prompts evacuation

A prop from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail prompted a precautionary evacuation of a London pub, police say.

Police in London's Islington district said after water company engineers spotted a copy of the film's Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch while lifting a fire hydrant, the surrounding area was cordoned off, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

The recent bomb scare prompted the nearby Windmill pub to be evacuated as explosive experts were called to the scene.

Those experts spent nearly an hour examining the prop, which the Telegraph said closely resembled a golden ornament, before deeming it harmless.

The Holy Hand Grenade is used in the 1975 comedy to destroy a killer rabbit threatening a group of knights.

While the grenade originally earned laughs on screen, pub owner Alberto Romanelli wasn't laughing at its recent reappearance.

I lost a good hour's worth of business, the Windmill owner told the Telegraph.