March 20, 2009

Santa Fe time capsule was never buried

Officials in Santa Fe, N.M., said a time capsule that was supposed to be buried in 1960 instead ended up empty in the back room of a business.

The city's 400th Anniversary Committee said their search for the time capsule, which was supposed to be buried as part of the city's 350th anniversary celebrations, discovered that the object had never been buried or even filled with memorabilia, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported Friday.

They said a 1964 story by reporter Mark Barley led them to the capsule, a 150-pound steel tube manufactured by Eberline Instruments, sitting empty and unused in a back room of Durr's Office Machines.

Former Mayor Leo Murphy told Barley in 1964 that the capsule had fallen off his list of priorities when the costs of the city's 350th anniversary celebration became apparent.

Those were days of confusion, days of chaos, he said. I was more interested in getting some friends to sign a note with me to cover the deficit the celebration ran up than I was in what happened to the capsule. That $250 I personally was in the hole was what stuck in my mind -- not the capsule.