March 20, 2009

Team to offer Minn. Senate-recount dolls

The minor league baseball team, the St. Paul Saints, say attendees at an upcoming game will receive dolls based on the Minnesota Senate-recount conflict.

The St. Paul, Minn., baseball team said the first 2,500 at the Saints' May 23 home game will receive Count von ReCount dolls based on the U.S. Senate seat battle between incumbent Norm Coleman and comedian Al Franken, the St. Paul Pioneer-Press said Friday.

The dolls themselves are based on the famed Sesame Street character, Count von Count.

The toys set to be offered at the Saints' game against the Sioux Falls Canaries will feature Republican Coleman and Democrat Franken's face on separate halves, the Pioneer-Press said.

The electoral battle between Coleman and Franken for Coleman's U.S. Senate seat has yet to be determined.