March 20, 2009

Bikini waxing still legal in N.J.

The New Jersey director of consumer affairs nixed any plans Friday to ban bikini waxes after hearing from salons that offer the service.

Technically, waxing to remove hair in the genital area is illegal in New Jersey, since state regulations specify that waxing is limited to the chest, limbs and face. But the state Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling has not enforced the rule, which does not specifically ban bikini waxing, the Asbury Park Press said.

The board, however, was considering a specific ban because two women had suffered serious infections.

Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman wrote the board saying he saw no reason for a total ban. He urged the board to adopt rules that would ensure those who offer the service are properly trained.

"Many commentators have noted that the procedure could be safely performed,'' he wrote.

Salon owners said bikini waxes are a major moneymaker.

I don't know why the state board would want to get involved with what someone wants to do with their individual person anyway,'' said Christine Fary, a manicurist and waxer at Yorktowne Hair & Nail Salon in Freehold. That is a personal issue.''