March 23, 2009

Jenna Bush’s Secret Service ticketed

Authorities confirmed that two undescribed vehicles, believed to belong to Jenna Bush's Secret Service detail, were ticked outside of her Baltimore home.

Adrienne Barnes from the Baltimore City Department of Transportation confirmed that two vehicles outside of the residence were ticketed and one was towed -- a measure that is typically only taken after a vehicle has incurred three or more unpaid tickets, WMAR-TV, Baltimore, reported Monday.

All 3 tickets have to be more than 30 days old, Barnes said.

City Department of Transportation officials said a Secret Service agent paid to have the car released from impound and promised to pay all of the outstanding fines.

The city was applauded by neighbors of Bush, who moved to Baltimore with her husband about a year ago.

They should deal with everything we deal with day in and day out. neighbor Maria Gonzalez said. It's nice to know no matter what the license plate says no matter what kind of car they're going to take care of it.