March 24, 2009

Feral cats neutered at Georgia school

A University of West Georgia campus organization said it has captured, fixed, vaccinated and released 36 feral cats since October 2007.

Ineke Abunawass, who works in the school's environmental safety and health office, said she came up with the CampusCATS catch-and-release scheme as a humane way to deal with the estimated 150 to 200 feral cats living on campus, the Carrollton Times-Georgian reported Tuesday.

She said the cats are captured in humane traps and taken to the West Georgia Spay and Neuter clinic in Villa Rica, where the animals are spayed and vaccinated for rabies and distemper. The cats are then returned to where they were captured.

Abunawass said the Carroll County Humane Society has taken CampusCATS under its wing.

The best part for us, outside of that we can give people the letters for their donations, is that they handle the accounting also, Abunawass said.