March 24, 2009

Wedding celebrates love, pi

A pair of New York state high school teachers said they held their math-infused wedding on the day set aside to commemorate irrational decimal pi.

Audra Smith, 25, and Joseph Ahl, 24, math teachers at Fairport High School, said they held their wedding on March 14 -- also known as 3.14, or Pi Day -- because, as their wedding invitations said: Love is like Pi, natural, irrational and very important, the Rochester (N.Y.) News and Democrat reported Tuesday.

Smith said holding the wedding on Pi Day was her students' idea.

I love the kids (and) I absolutely love math. I find it fascinating, she said.

The couple said they met their freshman year at State University College at Geneseo, N.Y., when Ahl was studying his calculus book while doing laundry.

The big pickup line was 'so who's your cal teacher?' Smith said. And that's when we started talking.