March 24, 2009

Lake Wobegon County suggested in Minn.

Some Minnesota lawmakers say they would like to see a Lake Wobegon county, an effort likely to be cheered on by Garrison Keillor fans.

The measure being introduced in the Minnesota Legislature Tuesday would combine all of Stearns and Benton counties and the northern part of Sherburne County, the Star Tribune reported. The bill is being pushed by three lawmakers from St. Cloud, which is in the region.

The bill is to carry the draft name Lake Wobegon, the fictional town created by Keillor for his public radio program Prairie Home Companion, though if it passes any reformulated county would be given a permanent name by its residents.

The consolidation is being proposed to simplify governance in the region.

There is at least one geographic use of the Lake Wobegon name in the area -- the 46-mile-long Lake Wobegon Trail, used by cyclists and walkers.