March 24, 2009

Blue dye colors neighborhood mad

A long-closed Kentucky dye factory is still making its presence felt, with blue dye turning up on house siding and fences in Ludlow.

Ludlow Dye made the dye used to color blue jeans. Now, officials say, cats and raccoons get into the building, come out covered with the stuff and then spread it around, WLWT-TV in Cincinnati reported Tuesday.

You come out and your kids' toys got ink all over it, Denise Ackman told the TV station.

The city of Ludlow has been trying to seize the property, but the owner is fighting foreclosure. The building is unlikely to get cleaned up until the legal battle is over.

There is one grain of comfort for the building's neighbors -- the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the dye is not dangerous.

But the neighbors want the stuff cleaned up. James Dodd said he paid to have his house power-washed and found the dye was back on the siding the next day.