March 25, 2009

Parents unaware of son’s 60-foot phallus

A man in the British town of Hungerford says he and his wife were unaware their teenage son had painted a 60-foot phallus on their home's roof.

Andy McInnes, 54, said the first time he learned of the phallus adorning the roof of his home for the last year was when members of the media asked him to comment on the artwork spotted by a helicopter pilot, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

It's an April Fool's joke, right? There's no way there's a 60-foot phallus on top of my house, McInnes said.

McInnes said after questioning his four children about the roof painting, he learned his 18-year-old son, Rory, had created the artwork a year ago.

The Telegraph said the teen, who is currently in Brazil, was inspired to paint the phallus after viewing a TV special on the Google Earth program that allows online visitors to view satellite images of their homes.

When Rory gets home he will be given a scrubbing brush and white spirit and he can go and scrub it off, McInnes said of the punishment awaiting his son.