March 26, 2009

KFC set to fill up potholes and stomachs

Kentucky Fried Chicken says it will move beyond filling up patrons' stomachs, by providing pothole repair for residents of Louisville, Ky.

The fast-food chain has offered to fill up potholes throughout Louisville in return for the right to stamp the newly repaired road hazards with the stencil slogan, Re-freshed by KFC, Advertising Age reported Wednesday.

This program is a perfect example of that rare and optimal occurrence when a company can creatively market itself and help local governments and everyday Americans across the country, said Javier Benito, KFC executive vice president of marketing and food innovation.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson appeared ready to support the KFC proposal given the budgetary constraints facing many U.S. cities.

It's great to have a concerned corporation like KFC create innovative private/public partnerships like this pothole refresh program, the mayor said in a statement.