March 27, 2009

Farmer: Twin calves are different breeds

A farmer in the British county of Somerset says one of his cows has given birth to twin calves that are of different breeds.

Farmer Vic Phillips, 27, said his cow Jemima, a Simmental breed, mated with his bull Eric, an Aberdeen Angus, and the result was twin calves, one a Simmental and the other an Aberdeen, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

It happens but it is quite rare. I thought there must have been a mistake and another cow had given birth as well but it turned out that they were twins, Phillips said of calves Ernie and Emily.

Ron McHattie, Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society chief executive, agreed that the calves represent a unique breeding situation.

I don't know how it could have happened, he said to The Daily Telegraph.

Though I suppose if the heifer had mated with two different bulls of different breeds on the same day two different eggs could have been fertilized and she would have conceived twins of different breeds.

Phillips has insisted only Eric mated with Jemina prior to the calves' birth, The Daily Telegraph said.