March 27, 2009

High Court judges oppose ‘Star Trek’ robes

Forty judges in Britain's High Court say they want to abandon their new robe design, with one judge comparing the garments to a Star Trek outfit.

The Independent said Friday that a recent survey indicated that judges in the High Court are less than enthused about the robes designed for them by former designer of the year Betty Jackson.

The robes, which represent an effort to make court working dress more simplified, were unveiled to the public last May.

Lord Chief Justice Nicholas Phillips said at the robes' May debut that there was already dissension in the court's ranks regarding the new garments.

I've not got 100 percent support but I have the majority, he said. I hope that after wearing the new gown for a while everyone will be happy.

That dissension appears to have grown since as a survey released Thursday found that 40 of the 104 High Court judges surveyed wanted to do away with the robes. In comparison, 32 judges ruled the robes should stay, The Independent said.