March 27, 2009

Girl, 10, earns all 33 Cub Scout badges

A 10-year-old girl in the British county of Norfolk may be the first girl to earn all 33 Cub Scout badges, a spokesman for the Scout Association says.

Scout Association spokesman Simon Carter praised Rebecca Hooper for earning every one of the youth group's available badges, adding the girl may also be the youngest scout to accomplish such a feat, EDP24 reported Friday.

To have achieved all the Cub Scout award badges shows great determination and enthusiasm, Carter said.

Hooper told EDP24 she particularly enjoyed earning her martial arts badge, as well as her badge for animal care.

I really like animals; we have quite a lot of animals at home, so I really enjoyed that one, she said. I also enjoyed the martial arts one because it gave me a chance to start something new.

Hooper's next goal is to earn all of the badges being offered by the Sea Scouts.