March 27, 2009

Historic British pub gets pink makeover

The landlord of a historic pub in the British town of Ledbury says overnight the black-and-white business was painted bright pink.

While landlord Les Smith has no clue who painted the Prince of Wales or why, he begrudgingly admitted the unwanted paint job was at least done professionally, The Daily Mirror reported Friday.

I'm annoyed and it's inconvenient but they've done a proper job. They even slipped a bill under the door. But there's no figures, no address, nothing, Smith, 52, said Thursday.

Smith told the newspaper a cleaner saw two overall-clad men packing up painting equipment Tuesday morning but the suspected painters remain unidentified.

While Smith struggles to understand who may have painted the pub, which was built in 1540, at least one regular customer has a theory.

The landlord has a strict no-swearing policy and some people have been banned for breaking the rules, a pub regular, whose identity wasn't revealed, told The Daily Mirror. Maybe someone decided to take revenge.