March 27, 2009

Cameras a no-no at Saudi fashion show

Taking photographs during Saudi Arabia's first authorized fashion show was strictly outlawed under Islamic law, a model says.

An unidentified model taking part in this week's fashion show in the city of Jeddah said no paparazzi or cameras were present as models showed off new Western and Oriental fashion trends to an all-female audience, al-Arabiya reported Friday.

A fashion show in Saudi Arabia is different from anywhere else, the model said. We took part in this one after making sure no cameras will be allowed.

Susan Shamy, Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Craft manager, confirmed her company organized the event so it would strictly follow Islamic law.

While Saudi Arabia has previously hosted similar fashion events, those events were traditionally called bazaars or other neutral names rather than fashion shows, al-Arabiya said.

The Saudi fashion show was a showdown between 28 designers who were competing for a top prize of $26,500 by creating the best modernized Western and Oriental outfits