March 28, 2009

Pranksters put brick wall over front door

Pranksters in England put up a brick wall in front of their friend's front door as payback for a previous practical joke.

The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday the group posted footage of the prank on the Internet site YouTube.

The newspaper said Leigh Black planned the prank after his friend Dave Pearce sneaked into his house in Bridgwater while he was away and rearranged his furniture.

Then while Pearce was on vacation in Thailand, Black and his buddies built a brick wall across Pearce's front door.

When Leigh went away a few weeks ago Dave got in his house and swapped everything upstairs with everything downstairs and was there waiting for him when he got back, said Shannon Sellick, who helped build the wall.

So we decided to get our revenge and when Dave went away to Thailand for a few days last week we built a brick wall over his front door as a nice surprise and were there waiting for him when he got back.

The newspaper said despite suffering jet lag, the bemused Englisman managed to knock the wall down.