March 28, 2009

Bull semen stolen from Canadian farm

A nitrogen tank full of bull semen was stolen from a Canadian farmer, police say.

The Cowichan Valley Citizen reported authorities were unsure whether the tank in Duncan, British Columbia, was stolen for the nitrogen or for the embryos and bull semen inside.

That's what makes it theft over $5,000, said Sgt. Rob Webb of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Shawnigan.

We're just not certain if it was stolen for the nitrogen or for the animal parts. I would think there would be some honor among farmers. I suspect it's more to do with the nitrogen.

The newspaper said the nitrogen tank has Gen West written on the side of it, which stands for Westgen, a cattle genetics company in Canada.

The liquid nitrogen could be dangerous, Webb said.

The possible danger, if handled improperly, is of great concern to the victim as well as the RCMP and local volunteer fire departments, he said.