March 29, 2009

Nobleman’s monument to witch trials

A Scottish nobleman is building a maze in memory of the men and women executed as witches on his estate in the 17th century.

The Witches' Maze at Tullibole Castle near Kinross will have a pillar in the center with the names of those convicted and put to death in 1662, The Scotsman reported. Lord Moncrieff said the maze will be a monument to rationalism.

Five stones surrounding the pillar will have what he calls good words like tolerance while dead ends in the maze will have negative words.

If you don't use logic inside the maze you will come to a dead end, Moncrieff, a historian, said. Appropriately, in this year of Darwin's anniversary, the maze has evolved into a plea for people to think rationally. It is my intention that the memorial to the innocents will also be a damning attack on the ignorant and superstitious beliefs of the past as well as of the present day. My plan is to have other meanings and deeper symbolism in the maze, but I don't want to explain it all at this stage.