March 29, 2009

Runner nears 100,000-mile mark

A Florida man who developed a cult following through years of running says reaching his 100,000-mile milestone may mark the start of a second chance in life.

Robert Raven Craft, 58, of Miami Beach who was expected to run his 100,000th mile Sunday, said after 34 years of relentless jogging, he may use his milestone as an impetus for serious life changes, The Miami Herald reported.

''People ask if I have any regrets, and to be honest, I do,'' Craft said. "I've been doing this for a while and I never had a family, never had a chance for financial security. I think this milestone could give me a second chance in life.''

Craft, who once aspired to be a songwriter, has been running 8 miles a day since Jan. 1, 1975, and became known for his persistence and for giving nicknames to hundreds of those who have run alongside him for a time.

But facing a milestone of 100,000 miles and an aging body, Craft told the Herald public support may not be enough to drive him.

This week I got four new pairs of shoes, so they want me to keep going, he said. "But they don't know what it's doing to my body.''