March 30, 2009

Daring thieves take Jeep using flatbed

The owner of a stolen Jeep in Hampton, Va., says two men simply loaded his vehicle onto a flatbed in broad daylight and drove away.

Hampton resident Chip Quinn said one of his neighbors saw the two unidentified thieves take his 1980 CJ7 Jeep but the nearby resident failed to think anything was strange about the incident, the Daily Press newspaper in Newport News, Va., said Monday.

He saw the whole thing, Quinn said of his neighbor. In his defense, he's seen me out having to jump start it several times and I think he just assumed we were getting some work done on it and that I had hired a flatbed truck to pick it up.

Quinn said Saturday's theft was particularly surprising given his Jeep's age and the fact the vehicle was in need of both body and engine work.

Police spokeswoman Allison Quinones told the Daily Press no similar daring crimes have taken place in the area.