March 30, 2009

Teen finds stepfather’s pot plants

An Ohio teen alerted police after finding a marijuana plant in her closet, and her stepfather allegedly confessed that it and others on the property were his.

Lorain police said the 13-year-old girl summoned them to the home Friday without telling her parents, WEWS-TV in Cleveland reported. She took them inside and showed them a 4-foot pot plant in her bedroom closet.

The stepfather, William C. Cramer Jr., allegedly told police the illegal weed and eight others growing in the attached garage were his, the TV station said. He said his wife was unaware of his horticultural activities.

Police said Cramer told them he didn't smoke the marijuana, but grew it for his parents, who loved to smoke up. He later allegedly admitted selling it because times were tough.

Cramer is now facing a variety of charges.