April 2, 2009

Cat rides on roof of news truck

A New York state TV station said it had to call emergency responders after a stray cat became stuck inside the satellite dish base of a news truck.

The WCBS-TV, New York, news crew said they were driving to Nassau County Police headquarters for a news conference when other motorists pointed out that a cat was wedged under the satellite dish, WCBS reported Thursday.

When you guys came in to our press conference we thought it was an April Fool's joke, so we didn't take it seriously at first. But then all of a sudden you were insistent that there was a cat stuck in the truck so we immediately called our emergency service responders, Detective Sgt. Anthony Repalone said after the incident.

An emergency services unit arrived at the scene and freed the animal by dismantling a panel on the satellite dish. The cat was adopted on the spot by CBS radio reporter Sophia Hall.

I am a cat lover, I have to bring him home, she said. I already have two others at home. I couldn't pass up this opportunity!