April 2, 2009

Designer jeans retail for $595

A new pair of Donna Karan Collection bias-cut, sculpted jeans debuting at stores and boutiques across the United States retails for a staggering $595.

Karan said the Italian denim bias-cuts form the centerpiece of her first-ever Collection jeans and are cut using a diagonal technique designed to accentuate curves and body lines, the New York Post reported Thursday.

When you cut denim on the bias, the result is the ultimate in fit and comfortability, she said. There's no side seam, so your legs look long and lean.

She defended the price tag -- the same as about 20 pairs of Levi's 512s -- as reflective of the quality.

I went into business in the first place in order to create jeans that I couldn't find for myself, Karan said. Now I'm craving a more decadent, sexy and iconic pair of jeans.

Each button and rivet is individually applied by hand, Karan said. The denim is the highest quality and has signature stitching on the back seam as well as the back pockets.