April 3, 2009

Teen club’s bikini contest irks parents

Some parents are calling for a Michigan teen dance club to be shut down after it hosted a bikini contest for girls as young as 16.

Police said Primal the Club of South Lyon did not violate any laws with the March 28 contest, which offered $500 in prizes, and city officials said club owners have tossed plans for similar contests in the future, the Detroit Free Press reported Friday.

However, some parents are calling for the establishment, which can draw hundreds of teens between the ages of 14 and 19 on weekends, to be shut down.

People are angry and they want it out of the community, said parent and South Lyon resident Abe Ayoub, who said his 14-year-old daughter is not allowed to go to the club.

It's a training ground for kids as to what the bar scene is like, said Mayor John Doyle, who added the club crossed the line with the contest.

Jeff LaFave, one of the dance club's owners, said the bikini contest was designed as a 1980s throwback.

Apparently, there's been some backlash, LaFave said. It's seems the community is a little more conservative.