April 3, 2009

Los Alamos nixes water delivery

Some employees of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico have complained after the federal government canceled a water delivery contract.

Federal officials ended the lab's contract March 31 with Santa Fe, N.M., business The Water Man after the officials determined that bottled water is not a necessary business expense due to the availability of tap water, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported Friday.

"It's a federal requirement that an agency may not use bottled water for employees where water is potable," lab spokeswoman Nancy Ambrosiano said.

The announcement yielded a large number of anonymous posts on Web site LANL: The Rest of the Story.

"We live in a desert and 99 percent of the buildings have unsatisfactory and undrinkable water supply. How much money are they truly saving here?" one poster wrote.

The announcement also means bad news for The Water Man, which manager Rick Maestas said had delivered one or two truckloads of water to the laboratory each day.

"It was a pretty good-sized contract for us," Maestas said.