April 5, 2009

Easter egg hunting goes to the dogs

Dozens of dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, eagerly searched for tasty treats at this weekend's Canine Easter Egg Hunt in Troy, Ill., a veterinarian said.

Veterinarian Karen Selbert admitted while Saturday's dog-eat-dog egg hunt does raise some eyebrows among the general public, it was an entertaining activity for canines and their owners, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Sunday.

Someone called this morning and asked: 'Are they real eggs? What am I getting my dog into?' Selbert said of Saturday's Hawthorne Animal Hospital event. But really it's just a fun way to be with your dog.

The dogs searched for plastic Easter eggs containing dog treats, which their owners pick up. One lucky pooch found the surprise egg awarding a special prize of free chew toys and a flea treatment.

The fourth annual event benefits the TreeHouse Wildlife Center, which cares for wounded or orphaned wild animals.

But for canine owners such as Priscilla Briggs of Granite City, Ill., the event appeared to be more about their pets socialization.

We come back every year, Briggs, who brought two dog, told the Post-Dispatch. They just like to go out and have fun.