April 5, 2009

Artists allowed to name home Love Shack

Artist Simon Cassini says he and his wife Sheba were allowed to officially name their London home Love Shack thanks to a backyard barbecue.

Cassini, 51, said while the Richmond Council had concerns the name Love Shack would mislead emergency workers, firefighters easily located their home while responding to a call of a possible backyard fire, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Richmond Council would not let us change the name of our house because in the event of an incident involving the emergency services, they would not know which house to go to, Cassini said.

However they managed to locate the roaring inferno of a barbecue in our back garden within 5 minutes.

After fire officials said they had no concerns the Love Shack designation would have them searching for an actual shack in an emergency situation, the couple's name request was approved.

The Telegraph said the artists chose the name for their Eel Pie Island home based on a song of the same name by a rock band, The B52s. The island, which sits in the Thames River, has about 50 homes with 150 inhabitants. It is reachable only by boat or foot bridge.