April 8, 2009

Orioles’ cap features apparent typo

A uniform cap worn by the Baltimore Orioles at least once a week features an apparent typo, a sports expert says.

Paul Lukas, the Uni Watch blogger for ESPN.com, said the MLB baseball team's O's alternative cap features an upside down and backward apostrophe, The Sun newspaper in Baltimore said Wednesday.

Now, I realize an argument can be made that there shouldn't be an apostrophe there at all, because plurals don't take apostrophes, Lukas said online. But you could also argue that the apostrophe is standing in for 'riole,' plus 'O's' is less visually awkward than 'Os' would be... But once you've decided it belongs there, how can anyone who got past the third grade orient it incorrectly?

Lukas told The Sun he believes the same problems that resulted in the Orioles' recent struggles on the field resulted in the cap typo.

I do think the same management approach that results in lousy baseball can also lead to lousy grammar and lousy typography, he said.