April 8, 2009

Oregon council admits apple tree snafu

A spokesman for the Oregon Travel Information Council says his group misidentified the Western United States' oldest apple tree.

The unidentified spokesman said while a recent council news release identified the Dosch Yellow Bellflower Apple tree in Portland, Ore., as the region's oldest apple tree, that honor actually belongs elsewhere, The Oregonian newspaper in Portland reported.

The oldest apple tree in the Pacific Northwest actually is in the Old Apple Tree Park in Vancouver, Wash. The old Washington state tree has been dated to 1825 or 1826, compared with the 1950 planting of the Portland tree.

The incorrect council release had been a promotion for Tuesday's ceremony to officially name the Dosch tree an Oregon Heritage Tree.

Following the historical clarification, Vancouver Mayor Royce E. Pollard offered neighborly advice to Portland residents.

They might want to clarify they have the oldest apple tree in Oregon, he told The Oregonian.