April 8, 2009

Cows escape from children’s home

The Children's Home of Winston-Salem, N.C., said three black cows escaped from the facility and were captured after grazing on a neighbor's lawn.

Children's Home President George Bryan said the cows, which the home raises for food, escaped Tuesday morning while a repairman was fixing a problem with the fence that was noticed the last time cows escaped, WXII-TV, Winston-Salem, reported Wednesday.

Bryan said the cows were recaptured after a neighbor spotted them eating grass in front of a house near the Children's Home. He said officials are planning to take flowers to the homeowner as an apology for the lawn damage.

Neighbors said cows have escaped from the facility repeatedly in the past.

Everybody got a little spooked when they seen these big creatures standing in front of these people's yard, Jamar Wyche, who lives near the Children's Home, told WXII.