April 8, 2009

City seeks to calm Amtrak mooners

City officials in Laguna Niguel, Calif., said new rules against public urination and alcohol drinking are aimed at controlling Mooning the Amtrak events.

The City Council approved a new ordinance Tuesday that bans public urination and defecation as well as prohibiting the public consumption of alcohol, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Wednesday.

Officials said the ordinance resulted from a Mooning the Amtrak event in July that involved about 10,000 people. The big crowd prohibited emergency vehicles from giving medical help and police officers lost control of the event. The officials said public alcohol consumption also led many people to advance their states of undress.

The event has increased the number of participants, said Linda Solorza, chief of police services for Laguna Niguel. It's now evolved into a kind of Mardi Gras, and we had complaints from businesses in the area that had to close.

Council members said the train mooning events will be allowed to continue.

We're not looking to stop it, but businesses have to be allowed to operate, Councilman Paul Glaab said.