April 10, 2009

Store: British men buying bigger shoes

British department store Debenhams says the average shoe size for British men has increased from size 8 in 2004 to size 9.

A spokesman for the company said demand for size 12 shoes has also increased and is now larger than the demand for size 7, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

For the first time, we're considering stocking size 13 as a standard fitting across all of our ranges, and size 14 is a possibility, too. Our largest shoe currently available is a size 12. In the past, these shoe sizes would have been available only on special order, the spokesman told The Daily Telegraph.

We think it is because people are growing taller. The trends tell us that clothing sizes are also getting bigger. Interestingly, women's shoes are getting broader as well as longer, which would suggest that women are getting bigger in general.