April 10, 2009

Austrians are the pickiest men in Europe

A European survey finds that Austrian men are the most particular when it comes to picking a dating partner and those in the Netherlands the least choosy.

Parship, an online matchmaker, conducted the survey, Sky News reported Friday. It questioned 13,000 single men across Western Europe.

After Austrians, German and Swiss men tie for second place as picky daters, followed by Ireland, Spain, Italy and Norway. At the other end of the scale, the British are only less choosy than the Dutch, followed by the French, Belgians and Danes.

In Britain, the survey found that less than half of men said that a woman's job, education or moral standards were important to them. Just more than one-third, 34 percent, said cooking skills are important.

Women tend to be choosier, especially about fidelity, with 90 percent saying they would end a relationship if they caught a partner cheating. Only 68 percent of men shared that view.