April 10, 2009

Locals angry about mansion on Welsh coast

A businessman may be ordered to tear down a glass-fronted steel-framed mansion that replaced a wooden bungalow in a national park on the Welsh coast.

The mansion, built at a cost of $1.4 million, is nearing completion, The Daily Mail reports. But critics say that the building near Newport in Pembrokeshire National Park doesn't match the plans submitted when park officials gave Nolan Nicholas a permit for the construction.

Nicholas, who made a fortune on double-glazing, bought a 1.5-acre lot and small house nicknamed Jimmy's Place, after its late owner, a local letter carrier, the newspaper said.

Robbie Manson, a local resident campaigning against the mansion, said that the original plans showed a house that followed the park rule that a new building not be more intrusive than the one it replaces.

This house is way too visually intrusive, way too big, completely out of scale and not in keeping with the area, Manson said to The Daily Mail. It should be demolished and rebuilt in line with the originally approved plans.