April 13, 2009

Wild turkey crashes Easter gathering

A Canadian family gathered for Easter weekend outside the capital, Ottawa, had an unexpected guest when a 25-pound wild turkey smashed through a window.

Gerry Moore told the Ottawa Sun a neighbor called to say there was a female wild turkey strutting through his backyard midday Saturday. He said he and the crowd of family rushed from the family room to a back window to watch the bird.

Meanwhile, a male wild turkey, apparently seeking the female, was approaching the family room window when it saw its reflection in the window and did the typical thing courting toms do -- attacked.

The bird smashed through the picture window and began running flapping around the room as the family chased it, the Sun said. Eventually, it came to rest on a reclining chair and was captured, Moore said.

The turkey was released into the back yard and appeared uninjured, Moore said.

His wife told the Sun the decision was made to serve ham instead of turkey for the big Easter meal.