April 13, 2009

Woman sues over senior center ban

A 78-year-old woman who was banned from a Monroe, Wis., senior center said she is suing to be allowed back into the facility.

Edith Milestone, 78, alleges in her lawsuit against the city-owned Behring Senior Center that it violated her free speech rights in October by kicking her out for complaining about how a card game was being scored, the (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal reported Monday.

The suit also alleges that the center's code of conduct is too broad and vague.

Center Director Tammy Derrickson said in an Oct. 24 letter to Milestone that she was being banned from the center because she was disrespectful toward other members and used abusive language. The letter also said the senior citizen engaged in physically threatening conduct.

I regret that I was forced to take this action, but feel you have left me with no other choice, Derrickson wrote.

The letter said the banning stemmed from the Oct. 23 card game as well as numerous other incidents.

The lawsuit is seeking compensation and an end to the current code of conduct for the center.