April 14, 2009

Pig statue, sign lead to arrest

A British man who used to farm pigs said he was arrested and held for more than 6 hours in a row concerning a pig statue in his back garden.

Robin Demczak, 57, of Witney, England, said he put the black and white porcelain swine in his back garden with the sign no pigs long before Police Constable John Ablett moved in next door, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Demczak said the no pigs sign was made in reference to the fact that the shed in his garden used to be a pig sty.

When I got rid of all the pigs, I painted a sign saying there weren't any left in there. That was in case someone was worried about them, he said.

However, Demczak said he was arrested earlier this month and held for 6 1/2 hours after an 18 month dispute with Ablett.

PC Ablett had me arrested because he didn't like me keeping my 12-inch porcelain model pig in the back garden, he former farmer said. He seems to think it is offensive to policemen.

Police confirmed Demczak's arrest.

He has been released without charge. But the investigation is still ongoing. There was an ornament in the garden and also some writing on a wall, a police spokesman said.