April 16, 2009

Scottish cops seek ‘police speak’ overhaul

Police in Scotland's Dumfries and Galloway council area are proposing the Scottish Police Federation do away with police speak in favor of plain English.

Officers have submitted proposals to the Scottish Police Federation conference scheduled for next week asking top officials to consider doing away with many confusing and irritating phrases they are forced to use while dealing with the public, The Times of London reported Thursday.

The mover of the motion feels strongly that for too long the Police Service has chosen verbosity over accuracy and clarity and that in 2009 there should be a return to plain English, the proposal reads. "Too many documents are crowded with management terminology and buzz phrases which wax and wane in popularity.

A return to plain English would avoid confusion and doubt about exactly what we are saying and meaning and would benefit not only the police service but the communities we serve, it states.

Constables said phrases and acronyms they want to get rid of include SPOC for single point of contact, SOCO for scenes of crime officer, party for person and negative for no.