April 16, 2009

Students race rats to mark finals end

Students and faculty at Kentucky's Spalding University marked the end of finals week with the annual Running of the Rodents, a race exclusively for rats.

The race, which has been a tradition at the school for 37 years, involves rats trained by teams of students and faculty to race around a small oval track for a rodent-friendly prize -- a garland made from fruit-flavored cereal, the Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal reported Thursday.

This year's event, dubbed CelebRATy, bore a Hollywood theme that was reflected by the names of the rats, including Hannah Ratannah, Robert Ratford and featured race winner Ratalina Jolie.

Melissa Lowe, director of human resources for Spalding University, said she hasn't missed a rat race in three years.

It's hilarious, she said. It's unique to Spalding and keeps Spalding fun and different.