April 19, 2009

Some U.K. council jobs deemed ‘laughable’

Some jobs created by city councils in Britain and Scotland are laughable despite being an apparent drain on local resources, a pressure group says.

TaxPayers' Alliance Chief Executive Matthew Elliott faulted local governing bodies such as the Newcastle City Council in Britain and Scotland's Angus Council for their make-work efforts, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

There has been a huge boom in the number of unnecessary and bizarre jobs in local government in recent years, Elliott said.

Many of the posts are laughable, but they have a serious financial impact for taxpayers.

Among the positions in place in Newcastle is a so-called breastfeeding peer support coordinator who is responsible for advising new mothers on feeding their infants.

Another council worker earns nearly $35,000 a year in Newcastle supervising a compost farm for garden waste.

Meanwhile, the Angus Council has come under scrutiny for a $19,200 annual salary offered to an individual with the title of bouncy castle attendant, the Telegraph said.