April 20, 2009

Dr Pepper picks up wedding tab

A Virginia woman who auctioned off a bridesmaid spot on eBay said the sale also resulted in free beverages when it was won by soda company Dr Pepper.

Kelly Gray said the auction last summer was meant as a way to raise money for her wedding to Karl Gau, which took place Sunday in Virginia Beach, but the soda maker's victory meant that she received not only a $10,000 donation toward wedding costs, but also a free supply of Dr Pepper for the reception, the (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Monday.

Gray said news of Dr Pepper's donation led several other businesses to supply the wedding cake, DJ photo booth and other wedding must-haves.

The bride said she had an ice sculpture at the ceremony carved to resemble a vintage Diet Dr Pepper bottle as a tribute to the benefactor.

I thought it would cool, kind of a good way to give back, she said. If it wasn't for Diet Dr Pepper, it wouldn't have been this dream wedding.