April 20, 2009

Parking fine tossed due to sign goof

A British city could be forced to repay drivers for parking fines after a ticketed man pointed out that a bus lane sign lacked the word only, the man said.

Derek Brocklehurst successfully argued to have the Manchester City Council toss a $43 ticket for parking in the bus lane after he pointed out that the sign allowing buses, bicycles and black cabs to use the lane did not include the word only, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Brocklehurst said he has helped 20 people escape similar fines for parking in the same area before the sign was corrected in March, and he is urging anyone else fined during the erroneous sign's tenure to come forward and demand their money back.

The regulations state that along with the blue circular sign indicating a bus, a cycle and a taxi, there should also be an accompanying sign bearing the word 'only,' Brocklehurst said. At Victoria, there was just a circular sign, so I wrote to the council to tell them. It's a technicality, but the sign was illegal.

I have helped a number of other drivers do the same thing, and have printed off a standard letter available to anyone else who got a notice of fine before the sign was changed, to challenge it, he said.