April 21, 2009

Geese return to store for third year

Employees of a North Carolina store said a pair of Canada geese have returned to the shop's decorative grasses for the third consecutive year to start a family.

The Belk store workers at the Cary Towne Center said that for the third straight year, the mother goose has built her nest on the store's decorative grasses while the father patrols the area around the entrance of the store to keep the nest safe, the Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer reported Tuesday.

Store manager Mike Thompson said employees cover the bottom part of the shop's glass doors to prevent the male goose from pecking at his reflection. He said the goose is trying to chase the reflection away from the nest or he's really impressed with how good he looks.

Andy Wood, education director for Audubon North Carolina, said the geese likely chose the spot because it is relatively free of predators and they do not see the humans going in and out of the store as a threat.

He regards us as a grazing animal, Wood said of the male goose. In his mind's eye, we don't pose a threat.