April 22, 2009

Man gets postcard from 1962

The user of a Hudson, Ohio, post office box says he was puzzled to receive a post card recently that was sent in 1962.

The card was correctly addressed to insurance agent David Conn's box, but it was for someone named Marion White, and was sent from Montana by people of whom Conn had never heard -- Fran and Polly. It also was postmarked from 47 years ago, CNN reported.

This card looks like somebody just bought it at the drugstore, Conn told the broadcaster. It's not even yellowed. It looks spankin' new.

It turns out Marion White, the deceased former editor of the Hudson's North Summit Times newspaper, once held the insurance agent's mailbox, and Conn discovered through talking to White's relatives that Fran was Fran Murphey, an Akron Beacon Journal reporter who lived her whole life in the same house near Hudson before dying in 1998.

CNN said Murphey's postcard from Montana, affixed with a 3-cent stamp, was mailed during a trip she took with friend and colleague Polly Paffilas, who died in 2005.