April 23, 2009

S. African pres. faces first lady choice

The governing party of South Africa said Jacob Zuma, expected to become president, will make the decision about which of his wives will be first lady.

The African National Congress said the first lady question is a private matter for Zuma -- the party leader and likely the next president, after his party won a majority in the recent elections -- and his wives, The Guardian (Britain) reported Thursday.

Zuma has not made the number of his wives clear, but he has spoken openly about his polygamy.

There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children that they hide so as to pretend they're monogamous, he told a TV interviewer. I prefer to be open. I love my wives and I'm proud of my children.

Zuma, a Zulu traditionalist, married his first wife, Sizakele Khumalo, in 1973. He most recently married socialite Thobeka Mabhija, with whom he reportedly has two children, in January.